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Construction Loan Monitoring and Draw Schedule Management With Document Collection

Construction loans are a vital part of many bank's lending portfolios. However, they can also be complex and risky to manage. Construction loan management requires efficient draw management, document collection, inspection scheduling, and loan monitoring. At BankStride, we understand these challenges and have developed a comprehensive digital banking platform that simplifies the construction loan management process.

Our platform offers an efficient and streamlined workflow for construction loan draw, document collection, inspection scheduling, and loan monitoring. With BankStride, banks can automate construction loan management and draw processes with a digital-friendly document management and approval process.

Our platform simplifies the construction loan draw process by providing automated notifications for borrowers to request draws, with accompanying documents, inspection schedules, and other required information. The platform enables banks to seamlessly track the progress of construction projects, manage draw requests, and ensure compliance with the loan agreement.

We understand the importance of document collection and inspection for construction loans. Our platform makes it easy for banks to collect, store, and access documents, reducing the time and effort required for document collection. Our platform is also equipped with tools for scheduling and tracking inspections, which ensures that construction projects are proceeding according to schedule.

Our platform automates the management of construction loan reporting, loan covenants, compliance certificates, and exceptions reports. Our loan monitoring tools track financial reporting, covenants, and certificates.

With BankStride, banks can improve efficiency and customer experience by allowing customers to securely and easily share documents in response to automated email and text notifications, without the need for an account setup or login. Our solution makes it easy to track construction loan reporting and documents, enabling you to identify pockets of risk and underperformance quickly.

BankStride's construction loan management platform is designed to provide banks with the tools they need to manage construction loans with ease, reducing risk and improving loan management. Our platform is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for commercial bankers, credit officers, and loan operations to monitor their loans, handle exceptions, and collect documents with ease. Whether you're a large financial institution or a small commercial bank, BankStride is the solution you need to streamline your construction loan management process and save time and money.

In conclusion, BankStride's digital banking platform is the digital banking solution that banks have been waiting for. With BankStride, construction loan management is simplified, providing a more efficient and streamlined process for banks. If you're a banker who offers construction loans, we encourage you to explore BankStride's digital banking platform to learn more about how we can help you streamline construction loan draw, document collection, inspection scheduling, and loan monitoring.

Thank you for your interest in BankStride, and we look forward to working with you soon.

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