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Ncino Alternative

Banks and credit unions are increasingly looking for alternative solutions to the nCino product. With the growth of fintech and digitalization, there has been a surge in demand for more sophisticated and cost-effective banking solutions. nCino, a cloud-based banking solution on Salesforce, has been the choice of many financial institutions in the past. However, its high cost, long implementation, limited functionality, and lack of customization have left banks and credit unions seeking other options.

Financial institutions should consider alternative to Salesforce and nCino to support their growth, customer engagement, and efficiency. 

BankStride platforms offer a feature balanced, modern, cutting-edge, true cloud based, easy to use, fast implementation, more flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution that can meet their changing business needs and demands. 


BankStride is the digital banking solution for loan exception tracking, secure document collection, loan covenants monitoring, loan portfolio management, pipeline management, credit risk reporting, and loan tickler tracking.
By automating and streamlining loan exceptions and loan monitoring activities, Bankstride helps commercial banks save time and money, reduce portfolio risk, and close more loans. 

BankStride is built by bankers and borrowers to simplify the bankers and borrowers experience for loan monitoring, loan exception management and document collection.

BankStride is the only digital banking platform automating loan covenant monitoring & exceptions tracking by directly interacting with barrowers to collect loan documents and data.

What Banks Are Saying


Michael Ramirez, Vera Bank

Lenders and their lending assistants spend countless hours cultivating leads and relationships with clients, and BankStride relieves them of the day-to-day time commitment of managing exceptions and reporting requirements, while enabling them to focus on lead generation and profitability.


Travis Brown, Guaranty Bank

BankStride has been a meaningful time saver for our team and our customers alike. It is a powerful tool that has been easy to integrate into our processes.


Doug LeBlanc, Encore Bank

BankStride’s functionality is the perfect complement to our loan operating system, as it improves time to money. In real time, BankStride ensures our customers know exactly what they have provided, and what it is outstanding.       


Bankers increase efficiency and improve loan risk and compliance with loan monitoring, reporting and exceptions.

We've facilitated over 1,000,000 client interactions...and counting.

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Seth J.

"BankStride has saved us tremendous time and effort by getting exactly the information we need."

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