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Bank Loan Tickler and Exceptions Tracking

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Commercial bank ticklers are important part of managing borrowers financial and reporting documents for loan monitoring. Almost 70% of banks still rely on some combination of spreadsheets, core ticklers, or other manual processes.

BankStride is the digital banking solution you’ve been waiting for. We make it easy to automate your loan reporting and covenant monitoring. No more managing checklists, searching for files in emails, or waiting on updates from other parties. Just create your requests and let BankStride do the work for you.

BankStride combines checklists with cloud storage to help you communicate and monitor your information requests and covenants.

All it takes to get started:

1. ​Request items by creating projects for one-off items or templated lists.

2. Review incoming files from your client and mark items as satisfied or complete.

3. Repeat with automatically recurring requests and reminders.

BankStride software platform provides loan management, document collection, exceptions tracking, ticklers tracking, covenant monitoring, loan risk and compliance, credit exceptions, financial reporting, loan reporting, loan portfolio management and save valuable employee time and bank’s money.

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