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Bank Loan Document Collection and Exceptions Management

An average bank loan file has almost 50 documents and an average bank process over 10,000 loan applications a year and monitors over 100,000 loans.

Add that all up and it equals tons of documents, frustrated employees, angry customers, frequent compliance issues and questions from regulators and shareholders. Requesting, collecting, organizing and maintaining documents are inefficient, costly, risky and unsustainable in today's hyper-competitive banking environment.

what if there was a way to eliminate manual documents collections and delight customers, empower employees and dazzle regulators while closing loans faster and monitor loan exceptions and growing the portfolio?

BankStride is a digital banking solutions for loan covenants monitoring, portfolio management, loan reporting, exceptions, financial reporting, loan risk by automating document collection software streamlines your document requests and collection workflow for documents gathering, reminders, team collaboration, file access control and alerts.

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