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Redefining loan covenant monitoring to eliminate credit exceptions

Banks that pursue superb loan agreement management are faced with handling complex recurring tasks using the basic tools of email, spreadsheets, and calendar ticklers. Banks that let this work fall behind risk delaying their awareness of problematic loans or operating practices, jeopardizing capital and reputation.

A borrower’s risk profile can change significantly over the years that follow a lending event. Managing loan agreement adherence through reporting and internal monitoring is an ongoing and tedious battle for banks.

Banks need a solution to automate and gain high-resolution loan agreement monitoring that saves time and delights customers.

BankStride works with customers to eliminate credit exceptions.

With automatic financial reporting requests, loan covenant monitoring, compliance certificate management, and exceptions aggregation, BankStride reduces credit exceptions and recovers precious time for banking teams.

BankStride is powerful for bankers

Loan Monitoring

  • Track financial reporting, covenants, and certificates.

  • Issue compliance certificates for signature via DocuSign.

Reports at every level

  • Bank leadership can drill down to identify pockets of risk and underperformance.

  • Every member of the team knows where to focus.

Flexible Information management

  • BankStride supports one-off and recurring information requests.

  • Flexible storage layer configuration options available.

Easy for bank customers

No user name and no password

  • Customers receive tokenized links that enable portal access.

  • Bankers can request information from anybody with an email address.

Upload or email

  • Easy to use customer portals show the customer exactly what is needed.

  • Email-based file ingestion enables customers to email files in response to requests.

Timely alerts

  • Reminders and alerts are aggregated to prevent information overload.

  • Alerts can be toggled per-user.

  • Customizable reminder schedules.

BankStride Helps in Loan Lifecycle To Automate Loan Underwriting, Covenant Monitoring, Financial Reporting, and Compliance.

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