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Why BankStride

BankStride Platform Features


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BankStride Platform

The essential digital banking solution that automates loan reporting and covenant monitoring to reduce credit exceptions and close more loans. The product streamlines loan underwriting activities, covenants monitoring, credit risk reporting, exceptions tracking, and loan portfolio management. Bankstride's seamless user interface makes it easy for bankers to reduce risk, drive growth, and provide an exceptional experience for their clients.

What Banks Are Saying


Michael Ramirez, Vera Bank

Lenders and their lending assistants spend countless hours cultivating leads and relationships with clients, and BankStride relieves them of the day-to-day time commitment of managing exceptions and reporting requirements, while enabling them to focus on lead generation and profitability.


Travis Brown, Guaranty Bank

BankStride has been a meaningful time saver for our team and our customers alike. It is a powerful tool that has been easy to integrate into our processes.


Doug LeBlanc, Encore Bank

BankStride’s functionality is the perfect complement to our loan operating system, as it improves time to money. In real time, BankStride ensures our customers know exactly what they have provided, and what it is outstanding.       

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BankStride is an intelligent digital banking platform automates loan document management, covenant monitoring, exceptions management, loan analytics, and risk & compliance.


At BankStride, we simplify loan management with our innovative platform. Our solution streamlines crucial activities, including the handling of loan documentation exceptions, covenant monitoring, portfolio management, document collection, and tickler tracking. By automating these processes, we help commercial banks reduce credit exceptions and save valuable time and resources.

Loan management can be a complex and time-consuming task, but with BankStride, it doesn't have to be. Our platform is designed to simplify loan management and allow commercial banks to focus on serving their customers, reducing risk, and closing more loans.

We believe in making things simple and efficient, which is why our platform is user-friendly and intuitive. Commercial bankers, credit officers, and loan operations can easily monitor their loans, handle exceptions, and collect documents with ease. No matter the size of your financial institution, BankStride is the solution you need to streamline your loan process and achieve greater success.

Our digital banking operating system provides a centralized platform to manage the loan pipeline from initial application to approval, track loan ticklers, manage document exceptions, monitor covenants, and ensure compliance. We've recently made significant enhancements to the platform, including an API to collect commercial loan applications from bank websites, construction loan and draw management, and a mobile-friendly customer portal for document uploading and answering questions.


Automate loan processing, exceptions tracking, and risk reporting

Know what you have,
know what you need

Create recurring requests with status indicators, reports and automatic nudges that keep everybody in the know.

Many ways in,
password optional

Customers have the option to send files through email or a login-less portal. Either way, we get the files where they need to go.

Built to empower bankers

Track and monitor financial reporting, covenants, and certificates, and identify pockets of risk and non-compliance.

Structured for you and
your team

Add your colleagues with a single click, and manage access permissions so the whole team can get the job done. 

Built by Bankers, For Bankers

Why BankStride?

We're the digital banking solution you've been waiting for.

We make it easy to automate your loan reporting and covenant monitoring. No more managing checklists, searching for files in emails, or waiting on updates from other parties. Just create your requests and let BankStride do the work for you. 

How it works

BankStride combines checklists with cloud storage to help you communicate and monitor your information requests and documents.

All it takes to get started:

  1. ​Request items by creating projects for one-off items or templated lists.

  2. Review incoming files from your client and mark items as satisfied or complete.

  3. Repeat with automatically recurring requests and reminders.

Who it's for

BankStride is a solution for individuals, teams, and banks that need a better way to request and manage information. We've facilitated thousands of customer relationships and transactions with teams in banking, accounting, consulting,  and advisory services just to name a few. 

Streamline Credit Exceptions and Loan Covenant Monitoring

We've facilitated over 1,000,000 client interactions...and counting.

Seth J.

"BankStride has saved us tremendous time and effort by getting exactly the information we need."

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